A number of improvements to the system are being released for '22

While things have been quiet on the GEARBOX front for some time, we have been working on a number of improvements in the background. Some of them more subtle than others!

While most of these improvements are fairly subtle they make a big difference to the usability of the system.

Additionally, some of these changes are geared towards a long term goal for the system - foam covers!

We are not yet ready to reveal more on these covers, but will detail the other changes.

DAM Modifications

GB '22 Modifications

This rendering shows the modifications that have been made to the box as transparent green additions.

For the dam the existing lip below the top edge of the dam was extended up to the top of the dam, which in turn allowed us to add a larger radius to edge of the dam. This makes a big difference when laying the fiberglass over the dam as it minimizes the air that wants to get trapped at the transition from the cover to the dam. Plus it really helps the cloth drape over the dam. This change also enables the foam covers to work as they are slightly thicker than the plastic cover so the gap between the edge of the dam and the cover is minimized.

BOX BOTTOM Modifications

For the bottom the rendering shows the extra material that has been added around the perimeter of the dam. Additionally, four posts have been added to the sides of the bottom to stiffen it up and strengthen it. The primary reason for thickening the bottom was due to the fact that in the case of an 8º box the inside bottom edge of the slot ended up very close to the outer surface of the bottom wall. This made it a lot thinner there and created the potential for failure along this thin edge. We have not had failures here but we wanted to make things even stronger by eliminating this thinness. The addition of the posts also helps in this regard.


GB '22 WHITE Box


Because the bottom of the box was modified we have had to also modify the bottom jig of the router system to create a larger cavity to accommodate the bottom of the box.

This new jig will be BLACK in color to make it easier to distinguish it from the existing RED one. These revised jigs will be provided for FREE to existing customers when they transition to the revised GB '22 boxes. Anyone using the 1ROUT install system is unaffected by these changes as they do not use the bottom jig.

HD FOAM BLOCK Modifications

GB '22 WHITE Box


The HD foam blocks have also had to have their inside cavity enlarged to accommodate the increased size of the bottom of the box. The area around the posts has been tightened up to reduce the amount of resin that can accumulate there. They will continue to work with the existing boxes.


GB '22 WHITE Box


A new item that has been added to the system is a depth gauge that is used to set the router bit depth. The gauge has two different depths on it, STANDARD (circular notch) for most normal installs, and CONCAVE (triangular notch) for installs in deep double concaves (or where extra strength is desired).

See the updated install guides for more details on how to use the gauge, or the INSTALL Extras where there are detailed instructions.

HEX KEY Modifications

GB '22 WHITE Box

Revised HEX KEY in RED

The HEX KEY has also undergone a slight modification to remove the embedded gear. This change was made to make the key more universal for use with our HANALEI FINS.

COLOR Change

GB '22 WHITE Box

Revised 4º GEARBOX in WHITE

The final change that is coming to the system is a change in the color of the boxes from the GREY we have been using since day one, too WHITE.

The reasons for the change are twofold, firstly, to better distinguish the GB '22 boxes from the older versions. Secondly, to better match up with both the WHITE plastic covers and the future FOAM covers. We also feel the WHITE will allow the box to better blend in on a board.

With the move to the WHITE color we are also increasing the amount of fiberglass in the material to improve the strength.

RELEASE Schedule

We have been doing test installations over the past few weeks and are in the process of gearing up for the first production run. After we finish the first production run we will perform additional testing with the production boxes. If all goes according to plan after this testing phase we will be ready to start selectively releasing the revised system.

The initial run will be small as it is limited to materials on hand, once we get a full supply of material we will do a much larger run.

Initially, we will only be running 4º, 8º, and CENTERS, possibly some 6º depending on how far we can stretch the material. Once more material is available we will be running all cant angles in larger quantities.

The first batch of boxes will be WHITE ONLY in color, as we are planning on using this color going forward as it will work best with the next planned upgrades, plus it is more readily available.

The first run will also be aimed primarily at 1ROUT installs, while we tweak our bottom jig to accommodate the change in width to the bottom of the box.

Much still to be done, but we are moving forward with these improvements.

BTW, we are calling this update GB '22!

Stay tuned!

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