All of the downloadable resources on the GEARBOX system are collected on this one page to make it simpler to find information. As more information becomes available it will be added to this page.

Fin Layout Guides

Below are a links to a series of fin layout guides for different types of boards, and for different fin setups.

These layout guides can be used to provide information on the positioning of fins. They are not specified for a given board length as they are intended to be used as a starting point. It is left to the builder to determine their preferred layout.

Fin Base Details

Below are links to a series of files that provide details about the GEARBOX fin base and how to adjust for keel fins.

Technical Documentation

Downloadable copies of the installation guides that are available for the system, these are the same as the ones provided in the install kits. Plus a fin setup primer to better understand the dynamics of fin setup. Additionally, there are also links to the GEARBOX brochure that can be downloaded and printed.

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