There are a lot of details that make up the GEARBOX Fin System, we will briefly introduce all of them as they pertain to the system, in this section. By diving into all of these details we hope to provide a better understanding of the system.


GEARBOX is a strong, light, simple, easy to install, and customizable fin box. Designed to meet all of the key requirements for a fin system, while keeping things simple. Extensive testing and thinking has gone into the design in order to strip the system down to the bare essentials.


A unique aspect of the GEARBOX system is the load beam collar and it’s associated cover. The load beam cover is a separate part from the box itself making it easier to optimize for bonding and appearance.


GEARBOX 2 has a complete routing system that supports different installation options. The alternate installation options are a convenience for builders working in different materials. The system is made up of three nesting jigs, router bit, hex key, and install instructions.

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