Take your surfing to the next level with the GEARBOX Fin System!



Delivering a system that is simple, familiar, and easy to use.

GEARBOX is an innovative fin system that is strong, light, adjustable, easy to install, dual tab compatible, and customizable.

Our unique patented LOAD BEAM COLLAR offers customization options through the installed cover! The system has an inexpensive routing system that simplifies and expedites installation.


Designed to be light without sacrificing strength, every part has been designed for a specific function.


Boxes are designed to be placed underneath layers of glass for strength, integrity, and stability.


The patented load beam and cover system enhances bond-to-lamination.


The patented cover of the system can be customized in numerous ways.


The slot is designed so the fin can be moved forward and backward.


The slot is designed to accommodate any DUAL TAB base fin, adding adjustability.

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The system is designed for under-the-glass installation, making for a watertight and clean installation. GEARBOX has a unique load-beam collar that utilizes a cover optimized for improved bonding.

Additionally, these covers are customizable in various ways. Boxes are light and strong with a wide range of cant options. The dual tab compatible system allows any dual tab fin to be installed! The fin base is full-length, providing a solid base that makes for a more effective fin.

Unique patented load beam collar with cover turns the entire top of the cover into a bonding surface. Truss openings in the load beam collar save weight without sacrificing strength. The shape of the beam improves the roll strength of the installed system. Features a broad mid-section for the most significant footprint without impeding close-to-rail installation.

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A unique aspect of the GEARBOX fin system is the LOAD BEAM COVER. This patented cover fits into the load beam collar of the box, where it improves bonding and enables various customization options.

All covers feature a hexagonal pattern scoring on the upper surface to improve mechanical bonding.

Covers are also available in many colors as an additional customization option.

A wide range of customization options can be applied to the covers to enhance the appearance of the box once installed. These include wood inlays and overlays, colorization of the hex grooves, and our favorite abalone inlays.

BOXES Section


GEARBOX includes an inexpensive and versatile routing system. This system supports various install options for different construction techniques.

The routing system enables a multi-cavity install without resetting the router bit. Designed for use with inexpensive trim routers making the system accessible to a wide range of builders.

Alternate installation options are a convenience for builders working with different materials. The primary installation method is a two-step process that creates a cavity with a shelf on which the box’s collar rests. The lower part of the cavity houses the bottom of the box.

Router jigs simplify the process of creating cavities. Jigs allow routing without the need to adjust the depth of the router bit. The base jig can be customized for specific installations.



Quick links to useful information about the system!


The routing system is versatile enough to support different installation options.

These options suit different construction techniques and materials, such as, polyurethane and EPS.

Detailed installation guides cover every step of the process for these techniques, click on the button below for more details. These guides can also be found on the RESOURCES page where they can be downloaded.

Additionally, the customization guides, on this site, show how to customize covers for different applications.


There are a lot of valuable resources for the GEARBOX fin system.

These cover everything from install guides to details about various aspects of the system, for eaxample, the standard GEARBOX fin base.

A Fin Setup Primer also helps explain many of the setup characteristics and how to make an informed choice.

Downloadable versions of all of the resources are provided. Use these if you need a printed version to keep handy.


The GEARBOX fin system is made up of a large number of components.

The store presents a full catalog of these components, prices, and SKU numbers.

Eventually, everything in the catalog will be available for purchase directly from within this catalog.

Should you need anything from the catalog, don't hesitate to contact us through our CONTACT form, and we will be happy to help.


We have been working on some tweaks to the system to improve some aspects, mainly installation, and strength.

Some of this work has also been aimed at moving the system toward one of our original goals - a foam cover!

A foam cover would make the system so much better as it would allow for a superior bond when laminating the board and make the box more subtle once installed.

Initially, the main focus is on improving the installation process and additional strength.

HANALEI FINS manufactures an innovative and unique range of fins to complement the system.

Enhance the Flow…

HANALEI FINS offers a range of unique templates that are unlike anything else available in the marketplace. Many of the designs feature hollow inside foils for an extra performance boost. Fins are offered in CNC-machined fiberglass, HRD-KORE RTM molded, and custom handmade fiberglass.

The custom handmade fins are produced one at a time the old-fashioned way, by hand foiling and finishing. These are high-quality fins with exceptional foils that feature unique characteristics. The center fin range is only available in fiberglass.

The RTM molded fins deliver some of the range of templates in a lightweight fin.

Most of the fins in the range are available in either GEARBOX, DUAL TAB, or FUTURES bases. CONTACT us for details.

Clicking on the logo below will take you to the HANALEI FINS website.

GEARBOX - An advanced removable surfboard fin system.


Primary office locations for GEARBOX - Australia and Hawai'i (USA). Contact info is provided here, but the preferred contact method is through the contact form on this site.

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